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Given our extraordinary and growing mandate in an increasingly risk-driven and risk-aware world, UNDRR’s average recurring budget is very small. We operate efficiently, looking to invest where our input makes the biggest difference and presents the best value for money.

UNDRR is 99.2% funded through voluntary contributions from a diverse set of donors.

Early and predictable funding allows UNDRR to plan strategically, and to effectively deliver on our mandate for the sustainable reduction of disaster, risk and losses. UNDRR counts on continued support from donors for the funding that enables us to support countries to invest in risk-proofed sustainable development.

Donors in 2018 included governments, private sector, foundations and other institutions as follows:

  • Governments - Argentina, Australia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Norway, Republic of Korea, Sweden, Switzerland and USA
  • Other Institutions - ESCWA, European Commission, Human Security Trust Fund and the World Bank
  • Private sector and Foundations - Enel Foundation, UPS Foundation and Willis

IPSAS compliant audited financial statements will be available here once available.

1 Earmarked contributions
2 Combination of earmarked and unearmarked contributions
3 Earmarked contributions from two Directorate Generals (DEVCO and ECHO)
4 Two years of payments to cover costs associated with staff member seconded to the CREWS Initiative 
Flexible or unearmarked funding

Flexible funding is funding that is not earmarked for a specific geographic area or programme. It is vital as it enables UNDRR to effectively plan and allocate funds to strategic result areas based on requirements. In 2018, of the funding that was received, US$24.1 million was earmarked and US$16.7 million was unearmarked.

UNDRR advocates for flexible and predictable funding through multi-year donor agreements.

Donors of unearmarked funding 2018

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2018 Top UNDRR donors (US$ million)

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Expenditure by Strategic Objectives and Enablers


UNDRR delivers its mandate through three Strategic Objectives (SO) and two Enablers. Expenditure breakdown for 2018 was as follows:

SO1: Strengthen global monitoring, analysis and coordination of Sendai Framework implementation, US$7.5 million, 23% of total expenditure.

SO2: Support to regional and national Sendai Framework implementation, US$11.3 million, 34% of total expenditure.

SO3: Catalyse action through Member States and Partners, US$5.4 million, 16% of total expenditure.

Enabler 1: Effective knowledge management, communication and global advocacy, US$6 million, 16% of total expenditure.

Enabler 2: Strengthened organisational performance, US$3.1 million, 9% of total expenditure.


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