Making Cities Resilient 2030 Dashboard Orientation

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United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Regional Office for Asia and Pacific
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The Making Cities Resilient 2030 dashboard is an online platform accessible by registered users that have signed up to MCR2030. It helps to connect and foster exchanges and collaborations among cities and organizations to make their cities resilient. Cities participating in MCR2030 have access to the dashboard to track their progress against their resilience roadmaps, connect with other cities to learn and share their knowledge and experience, access to other MCR2030 tools and resources, and connect with participating entities to receive technical support to move forward on their resilience journey.

This webinar aims to support cities and participating MCR2030 navigate and make better use of the tools and resources available on the MCR2030 Dashboard. This includes understanding the services they can access and connect with partners and peer cities. The webinar will also demonstrate how participating entities can list their expertise, services, and tools in order to interact with cities that may need their support.

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