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This contributing paper paper offers an analysis of the global COVID-19 experience and stepwise implementing consequences which will require a long-term effort involving scientists, decision-makers, and many more.
AN African woman wearing a face mask to protect her from COVID-19. She is walking across a market.
As world leaders are traveling to Bali to meet at the Global Platform for DRR 2022 and discuss how to better prevent and reduce current and future risks, the UNU-EHS and UNDRR have launched the new report “Rethinking Risks in Times of COVID-19.”
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This contributing paper examines access to emergency and related information during the COVID-19 pandemic as a crucial human security issue. 
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This paper summarises the Argonne National Laboratory research team’s efforts in conducting these assessments to support local public health interventions in the City of Chicago, and the potential applications for communities throughout the world. 
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This contributing paper delves into the impact of a tsunami and the COVID-19 pandemic on the coastal tourism sector in Pandeglang Regency (Banten Province) in Indonesia.
This contributing paper investigates the process of how the pandemic risk had been building in the World Heritage (old) city of Ahmedabad by considering the old city as a ‘system’ and its functional and operational dimensions as ‘sibling systems’.
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This study uses a Lifeyears Index of disaster damage to assess the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic across countries against the costs of all other disasters that have occurred in all countries in the past 20 years.
This image shows students wearing masks and a motorcycle driving through flooded streets.
In an increasingly interconnected world, shocks are felt across sectors, borders and scales, revealing the systemic nature of risks. This holds true for the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, for the effects of climate change, and also of newly emerging crises
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The analysis of the COVID-19 crisis through multiple case studies unveiled complex and multi-faceted webs of cascading and systemic risks and impacts. Key in the analysis is the characterization of the network and system structure, and network dynamics.
The Central Asia Initiative of the EU during the COVID-19 crisis
While COVID-19 keeps challenging all five countries of Central Asia at an unprecedented scale, through existing programs, the European Union supports both resilient and sustainable political and economic frameworks that can prepare governments for future emergencies.