Deadline for Submitting Voluntary Commitments approaching

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction - Office in Japan

Organizations working to build resilience are submitting voluntary commitments in support of the Sendai Framework, the global roadmap for reducing disaster losses by 2030.

Among the first group of organizations to submit their commitments and have them published are the International Consortium on Landslides (ICL), the Mongolian Red Cross Society (MRCS), the Global Scientific and Technical Advisory Group (G-STAG), SPIN Global (ResponderCQ), the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities Civil Contingencies and Resilience Unit (AGMA CCRU), and ACT Alliance. These organizations have diverse backgrounds such as the private sector, local government, non-governmental and scientific organizations.

The scopes of these commitments range from global, covering all countries, regional levels, to specific local levels in Mongolia and Greater Manchester in the United Kingdom. Combined, their topics spread across the four Priorities for Action with specific emphasis on selected indicators, hazards and Sustainable Development Goals, among others.

The commitment by the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities Civil Contingencies and Resilience Unit (AGMA CCRU) aims to ensure that the elderly are heard when designing disaster resilience building programmes, enabling Greater Manchester to co-identify potential solutions and approaches to resilience.

ACT Alliance is a network of faith-based organizations committed to raise DRR awareness at grassroots level, by influencing local leadership and educating community members.

The Mongolian Red Cross Society is committed to reducing disaster risk by building resilience through community based approach in both rural and urban areas.

As Prof. Shaw, chair of G-STAG, said, the online platform allows organizations to record their commitments as well as be reminded about the progress and deliverables. Moreover, Prof. Shaw underlined the opportunity to widely share your efforts globally. These aspects strengthen the idea that building resilience is a responsibility of all, as the Sendai Framework advocates for the all of society engagement. Organizations can identify crossovers with others in the field and potential partners with whom to collaborate to maximise impact.

If your organization is working on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), make a voluntary commitment to show case your efforts and highlight your achievements.

The platform is always open for submissions. However, those commitments submitted by 8 March 2019 will be included in the first Analysis Report to be presented at the Global Platform 2019 in Geneva.

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